Import & Export License Issuing & Debiting System

Import & Export License Issuing & Debiting System

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Import & Export Control Department of Sri Lanka issues licenses for importing and exporting goods to Sri Lanka based on the Government’s gazette tax regulations applied based on Harmonized System Codes. (HS Codes). The department charges a processing fee based on the value of the items imported and the category to which it belonged. Further, the department tracks the debits against the issued licenses. Penalties are charged in addition to the processing fees based on different rules applied for deviations from the licensed conditions.

The Department’s revenue was based on these processing fees and the charges that were calculated based on different formulae considering many factors relating to the commodities imported or exported. Accuracy of calculation of charges and their application was subject to human errors which may have caused loss of revenue to the Department.

Incidentally, the Department was not using IT for its infrastructure and the staff needed training on the use of computers as well.

A completed web based solution was articulated, developed and implemented by Cyber Concepts team. The solution covered all activities of the license issuing process starting from the recording of application up-to the point of printing the license. Further, the license is transferred to the Sri Lanka Customs Department system no sooner it is generated through the use of its API.

The debits too are recorded into the solution in the same manner and the debit is processed based on the information provided by the customer. An API was developed to pull the debit information recorded by the Sri Lanka Customs Department directly to the solution as well.

All charges and fees are calculated automatically through the system. The daily receipts are monitored and balanced against the system generated reports.

  • The license issuing process has been made more efficient and thereby the speed of processing is improved
  • Charges are calculated accurately, and therefore, the department had been able to collect revenue more accurately.
  • Less inconvenience to the customer
  • The Department carries information on all debits against every license which could be referenced with ease at a given point of time.
  • Possibility of faking a license is reduced.

  • Technologies : mysql, angular, jquery, php