Inbound Tour Management Solution

Inbound Tour Management Solution

Project Info

A company involved in travels and tours to Sri Lanka and Maldives. They receives tour packages from European countries and promotes destinations in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The company handles all its processes manually, entered into excel worksheets. The accounting process is handled through Quick Books accounting solution. The accounting solution has its limitations in providing profitability reports for the requirement of the senior management, and therefore, they are prepared through excel work sheets by keying in data from the manual records. This has brought up bottle necks in the work load, duplication of work and also time spent in reconciling records with quick books.

Cyber Concept’s solution was to computerize the manual operation upto the point of generating expense records and income records and feeding them into Quick Books using xml data uploads using a web application. The solution covered the entire business operation starting from the generation of pro-forma invoice, obtaining prices and bookings for accommodations, meals and entertainment activities, advance payments to the tour guides and recording their expenses, transport booking and recording of actual expenses and generation of the final invoice with credit and debit notes as applicable. The completed process allowed to generate the profitability details by each tour considering the actual expenses against those budgets. The finalized records are generated into an xml format that could be uploaded into the accounting solution..

  • Speedier process
  • Online availability of data relating to all activities on a tour
  • Ability to view profitability of a tour at a given point of time
  • Reduced duplication of work
  • Improved accuracy of information
  • Reduced paper work

  • Technologies : mysql, angular, jquery, php