Real Time Solar Panel Performance Monitoring Solution

Real Time Solar Panel Performance Monitoring Solution

Project Info

Green Engineering Systems is a company looking to expand their Solar products and services by using latest IT solutions.

The objective behind this particular project was to build a platform which can monitor the performance of Solar Power Plants remotely using a Mobile App and a Web Browser. The platform was also needed to be developed for Residential Customers (end user) and for Commercial Customers which some may act as resellers for the product. The hardware was already designed and implemented by GES, but the Software to connect the Modem to the Solar Inverter and to connect it to internet and send data to a web server needed to be implemented.

A web application and a Mobile App were developed as the solution. The Mobile App was developed to enable the end user to interface the inverter and the modem with the home wifi router to connect to internet and send data coming from the inverter to the web server where a database stored all data. The data was then shown on the app and on the web application. Different types of reports relating to daily yield, the production of power and savings were given as a part of the solution. IoT technologies were used when developing solution as the TCP requests and responses coming from the modem needed to be captured using the Android SDK and bridge the 2 different interfaces to one platform of data sharing.

  • Technologies : mysql, java, php, android, laravel