Software Solutions

Software Solutions for Desktop

Software Solutions built by us for desktop is built to operate on your internal network with local servers running in your own office. Our range of modularized applications with the facility of integrating with each module includes Accounting, Inventory, Fixed Asset Management and HR solutions consisting of Attendance, Leave, Payroll and Loan modules.

All these modules are built in such a way that they could be easily customizable to suit your unique business needs.

“We have the expertise to develop and implement software solutions that could improve the efficiency of your key business processes; Supply Chain, Production Monitoring and Material Utilization, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management.”

Our Approach

  • Study process, agree on customization needs and implement.
  • User training, assistance in mapping the process to the system
  • Flexible warranty periods
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Support through remote logins and selective visits