Error Establishing a Database Connection for WordPress site on GoDaddy Server

It all started, when Kosala and I transferred our client’s brand new WordPress site to his GoDaddy server account. We added the domain through ‘Deluxe Windows Hosting’ created a database with user id and passwords, and transferred all the WodrPress files to the domain. We typed the url gleefully in our browser…and we were greeted […]


Connecting to Realand AC 121 for Remote Data Download via internet

I thought of putting this article as you might also come across similar issues, also trust me on this, up to the date, until I uploaded this blog post, myself or any one of my team mates couldn’t find a single article about solving the data download from AC121 through internet. Even the AC 121 […]


NSBM career fair 2017

We drove into the spacious, calm NSBM green university grounds on last Sunday the 26th Nov 2017. The number of vehicles parked in many rows was evident of the several of attendees to the event, though none were to be seen outside. The banners of many sponsors were flapping for the wind adding a new […]