Attendance & Payroll Software

Attendance & Payroll Solution

Time Attendance System with Payroll Software and Finger Print Reader is an innovative, technology focused work force management Solution with Mobile App to Track your employee attendance by location in Sri Lanka.

Our Payroll Solutions with add on leave and loan module that is well integrated with the Payroll Software relieves you of cumbersome record keeping procedures for calculation of monthly payrolls.

Track your employee attendance using a mobile app developed by Cyber Concepts. This app can be linked with your existing time attendance/payroll solution or you can purchase our own payroll suite. The app takes selfie images and tracks the time and location of the exact time the employee punches the record to the system. The solution is available on both IOS and Android

Time Attendance and Payroll System Features

Time Attendance Module

  • Downloading of in/out data from the system
  • Employee and other master tables with fields for attendance tracking
  • Shift and working rules
  • Late hours and absenteeism tracking
  • Leave tracking by employment type – probation, confirmed
  • Reports/Graphs on attendance, absenteeism and leave
    • By Person
    • By department
    • By Company
  • Access level security

Leave Module

  • Recording of leave type
  • Multiple leave policies
  • Assigning of leave entitlements
  • Leave application recording
  • Leave reports by employee/ company with summary and details.

Loan Module

  • Loan Type
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Approval
  • Payments
  • Reports of loans

Payroll Module

  • Processing or multiple staff categories – laborer, staff, executives and directors
  • Master tables to include payroll and allowance information
  • Inclusion of payment rules
  • Application of allowance/salary payment rules based on attendance
    • Overtime
    • No Pay
    • Shift allowances
  • Loan Installment recording and application
  • Advance payments, deductions and special incentives
  • Statutory rules and deductions
  • Pays slip and payroll generation
  • Payment method rules and information
  • Cash payments – with denomination
  • Bank transfers – transfer details in a report
  • Cheque payments – lists with detail
  • Generation of statutory reports
    • EPF
    • ETF
    • PAYE
  • Tax reports and summaries