Lubricant Data Submission Solution

Lubricant Data Submission Solution

Project Info

The customer is a utility sector regulator in Sri Lanka who engages in regulating electricity, petroleum and water. The client, being a regulator, receives annual, quarterly and monthly data from the market players in electricity industry and from the petroleum industry. The data relates to many activities in the market.

Data on Petroleum related operations of the market players are to be submitted in many formats to Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL). Some of the submissions are:
The data received from market players are in excel formats. They need to be consolidated to generate the annual reports and to analyze market player activities. Further, as the data is large, the market players prefer to send the data in excel format rather than keying them into a system.

Cyber Concepts’ solution was to create a portal with access to the market players in the different industries to submit the data. The submitted data are as per a standard format which needs to be uploaded to the system in form of csv files. The data so submitted are validated against the formats and their accuracy and the system directs them to be accepted or rejected by the respective administrator in the regulator’s office.
Incidentally, the system automatically monitors the submissions and sends reminders to the market player on incomplete submissions.

  • Time spent on consolidating data is reduced
  • The regulator receives data on time
  • Accuracy of the data is ensured
  • Generating management information is faster

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