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Business Process Solution for IT hardware Solutions Provider

PROJECT INFO The client A UK based client engaged in supply and maintenance of computer hardware items, management...

Business Process Solution for IT hardware Solutions Provider


A UK based client engaged in supply and maintenance of computer hardware items, management of networks handled through multiple types of contracts. The client is service more than 100 customers with over 200 contracts which are renewed annually. As a part of support, he orders hardware items to be used at clients’ IT network. The contracts are billed either monthly or annually depending on the agreement. In addition, the customers are charged for extra items supplied during support. Further, the clients are billed directly for off the shelf purchasing.

Payments are collected after a specific credit period directly from the customers’ bank account as direct debits. The accounting function is handled through the standard IT package which is SAGE Accounting.

In addition, the company uses a help ticket system for providing support. The customers log their issues in a help ticket system which is assigned to support engineers. The support engineers attend to the problems and include their comments. A particular help ticket consists of a number of threads.

Although all the SAGE accounting solution provided the full requirement for accounting, it had its own limitations when trying to incorporate the client’s business processes. Further, the help ticket system, which is named as the ‘tickets portal’, too cannot be extended to fully accommodate the organizations business process.

Cyber Concepts team developed a complete modularized solution that consists of Inquiry following up, Contract recording, service record management, Invoicing, Credits, Direct debits, Inventory Management, Assembling of products and Purchase ordering.

The solution automatically generates invoices for the service records, contracts and the special purchases made on behalf of the customers. They are emailed automatically to the clients. Incidentally, for collection of payments via direct debits, the solution automatically generates the details to the CSV file based on the formats requested by the banks.

The invoices and credit notes are converted into xml formats to and integrated with the SAGE accounting solution.

The Ticket portal was modified to include specific functionalities and followup requirements of the client. Incidentally, it is fully integrated with the solution through an API to share information between the portals.

The complete solution evolved together with the business of our client, and is being updated todate with new features and modules.

  • Cross platform & solution integration leading to provide a streamlined view of all business operations
  • Ensures timely invoicing and collection of payments from the customers
  • Facilitates follow-up on the issues and monitor the time spent on each issue
  • Allows identification of movement of inventory, and tracking of inventory by the serial number
  • Generates online real-time management information



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