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CRM Solution for Light Vehicle Distributor

One of Sri Lanka’s leading light vehicle dealer who owns 14 showrooms and has a dealer network ofn 200+ across Sri Lanka.

CRM Solution for Light Vehicle Distributor

One of Sri Lanka’s leading light vehicle dealer who owns 14 showrooms and has a dealer network ofn 200+ across Sri Lanka.

The client needed to monitor the sales process, in all showrooms including at the dealers, from the point of generating a lead to its realization to an actual sale. The entire process was handled manually and the senior management had no access to immediate information. The information was received very much later after the transaction was done. Therefore, this reduced their capacity for proactive decision making and stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, the client also needed to monitor the services performed by its service center and by the service dealers, within and after the warranty period of the vehicle sold. The requirement was to monitor the in-warranty services by the dealers and all services carried out by the organizations service centers.

Cyber Concepts conceptualized a comprehensive web based Customer Relationship solution (CRM) that linked the entire process from the point of enquiry, sale and up to the continuous maintenance of the vehicle.

A fully fledged CRM was designed to suit the client’s unique process that linked all their showrooms and the dealers. Every Inquiry can be logged into the solution and a sales rep or a dealer is assigned the responsibility for that inquiry. The system monitors the level of follow-up on the inquiries, quotations sent, realized sales and lost sales. The lost sales are linked to reasons such as non-availability of required design, non-availability of stocks, price competitiveness and to which competitor the sale was lost to.
Apart from being a web application, the solution is extended to be used on PC client and as an Android app for connectivity and mobility. Whatever the platform used by the users, all the data is synced to the web application so that the sales team at Head office and the senior management are able to monitor the activities at the dealers and the showrooms.

The services during warranty at service dealers are handled through SMS services which are captured into the CRM. The mileages, the number of services are monitored for each vehicle serviced during the warranty period.

In order to manage the vehicle services, the web based CRM was further extended to capture the services, and the service bookings made by the customers at the head office service centre. The customers could book a service from their mobile phone or through the web portal using their own user id and the passwords and pay for the service in advance. The service administrator would confirm the services within the premises depending on the availability of the bays.

This was handled through integrating an SMS gateway to the extended CRM solution and integration of payments with EZcash and Mobile Cash.

  • The client is able to monitor the Inquiries, sales and the status of follow-up on real time.
  • Provides information for decision making through analyzing of sales and lost sales
  • Ensures timely in warranty services of the vehicles and secures the organisation from allowing out of warranty services
  • Improves payment collections and ensures that the vehicles are serviced on time
  • The company carries a full history of service record of every vehicle sold
  • Facilitates the booking process for the customer and ensures total customer satisfaction



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