NSBM career fair 2017

We drove into the spacious, calm NSBM green university grounds on last Sunday the 26th Nov 2017. The number of vehicles parked in many rows was evident of the several of attendees to the event, though none were to be seen outside. The banners of many sponsors were flapping for the wind adding a new sound to the surroundings. The birds and butterflies were in plenty. The green curtains seen from all sides gave us a cozy welcome. It looked more of a place of silence that lets a yogi bring his mind to the highest dhyana. Peaceful was it, our voices were kept low, while we enjoyed the silence and the breeze.

Time passed by, turning minutes into hours and then it showed 9:00 am on our watches. We could see the young graduates flowing into the hall from the entrance… to a world of opportunities… so many employers waiting to absorb the best of talent into their organizations. Fair I said? Yes, it was. A silent one.

The hall kept buzzing with the sounds of the footsteps and the discussions from the interviewing sessions.

The graduates, undergraduates from all years, first, second, third and final; Some looking for placements, internships and others possible opportunities for the next year…. Enthusiastic, well-mannered, confident budding multi-skilled software engineers, Business Analysts, QA engineers. The smiling faces, hope lit eyes; talking to them was indeed a treat. We went on tirelessly while the clock kept turning several rounds. Time to leave! No, not those surroundings! But we did.

I’m yet to decide whom to drop from the list of second interviews. I will leave it to my team. My feet are paining…! Yes, it’s the walk I took in the beautifully paved paths while the rest were busy interviewing.

Thank you NSBM for the great opportunity given to us. You have proved that technology skills are best achieved when in harmony with the environment.