Container Movement Tracking Solution

Container Movement Tracking Solution

Project Info

The company has hundreds of containers handled within the month in several yards. The containers are arrived in different conditions and in sizes. They are stored over a period and released on request by the shipping-lines who own them. The shipping lines need to be accurately invoiced for the respective services. Further, the containers need to be sent out on time, as per the release requests raised by the container owners.

Cyber Concepts’ container movement tracking solution records the incoming containers owned by multiple shipping lines and their departures and calculates the invoicing requirements.

Sending of EDI details to shipping lines, in-gating with and without declarations, recording of containers, sending of scheduled emails, recording of release orders and out-gating based on such orders, reservations for release orders are some of the salient functionalities provided by the solution.

Reports on stocks, Container movements and containers awaiting arrival are some of the very frequently used reports generated by the solution.

  • Accurate invoicing for storage of containers based on lift-on, lift off charges and sizes
  • Accurate release of containers based on release orders
  • Sending of EDI to the shippers on time
  • Speedy recording of in-gates, out-gates and declarations

  • Technologies : mysql, angular, jquery, php

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